Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Shapes outside : 'S' shape

I looked long and hard about an 'S' shape..

.. as I drove out and about this morning, delivering Kate to the bus and then popping past for the girls so I could help by dropping them to school... only to discover preschool was closed as one of the staff were sick.... which raised the Q what if the parents were working, for example in the health service, and if I was heading off to work somewhere (not at home) ...

Luckily we all work for ourselves... but childcare is such an underestimated stress..

.. and at times of stress think of holidays and snorkeling.. and Clams.. 'S' shaped clams.


  1. I wonder why it was closed? Such a problem for working parents!!
    Goos S shape those clams x

  2. Very interesting clams - I have not seen such 'S' shaped clams.
    Nature does wonders.
    Вeautiful picture!

  3. It would have been nice if you had had some notice from the preschool.

    That Clam is a georgous shape and colour

  4. The parents would go mad if our nursery was closed for the day, love the clam


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