Sunday, 9 February 2014

Media Catch Up..

Well life has been crazy the past few days. It's amazing how disorientated you can be when something as elementary as your desk is changed.. Our server in the office is being upgraded and consequently our own desk computers. My pal Sam, our book keeper, had my desk and I got busy doing other stuff..we were both quite lost, even the view from the desk is different using someone else's PC... oh well, change as good as a rest and all that.. it will be a good precursor for the big upgrade to a decent (not converted shed / farm outbuilding) office later this year I hope!

The wind was promised to return yesterday so we put off a trip out and Lisa and the girls came by, it was very chilled and nice to have them all here. The big girls are sleeping over next week so I am sure Colin will get busy on all the outdoor jobs that day! ;-)

On catch up I have been thinking about Adverts.. I love them and hate them.. I like to avoid them on TV, but I do appreciate a good ad.. Lidl's with the lady who advertises tea but then says she hates tea and loves gin!  Ads are always good if they can be related to someone you know!

My pet hate is the ad in food stores where 3 or 4 different formats of a product make you do so much mental maths it's like a GCSE refresher course.. take these 3 ads for beans from Tesco just after Christmas... I picked up 4 single tins at 50p each, then 6 for 60p each .. but wait a mo.. 7 for £3!!  I was cross enough to photograph the options.. for my Blog story, it began about 6 years ago as a supplement to my Scrapbooking, telling the stories behind the pictures I had used in layouts.. kind of online journalling..then I joined some challenges and the rest is history. t
Today I write as a diary and to keep in touch with our Zac who is often away as he trains to be a navigation officer in the Merchant Navy... and whooop! he is home in 10 days!! 

Final thought for the day.. Digital or Print..?

The jury is still out for me, I have a magazine each month in print but have failed to read it much the last few months..maybe online issues would be more portable?
I love to take a book on holiday but do like to have the book on my shelf afterwards.. but instead of 4 books maybe a e-reader would be good.. no sun oil on it, sand in the pages and leaving it in the pocket on the plane which was the fate of my last book.
I don't read newspapers really but when I do see online articles it is because I looked it up and not because I am browsing a whole edition..

So as I said, jury is out.. I am going back to Tenerife in March with the 3 youngest and Col, maybe I will be converted then (reading does make me quite anti-social though and as Col is not a great reader (he is a fab researcher though... when on a mission to find a new car / tool / application for manufacturing..) and I hate having my head in a book while he just sits pondering..


  1. Good thoughts Kathijo. I never thought about the pricing signs at the store. They can be quite deceiving and confusing at times.

  2. I was a reluctant convert to my kindle- but wouldn't be without it. But I'm an avid reader and I love having my whole bookshelf along with me. I used to love my books on the bookshelf- but Guy not so much- so had to prune them down!

  3. I dont like reading magazines/books on the computer, I like print :) Sounds like a busy time at work, hope you find some quiet time.

  4. I don't think I could ever, ever in a million years read a mag on an e-reader or online. Them's for browsing.
    But books - and for travelling ESPECIALLY - an e-reader is THE way to go. So light, so easy to use, so many books without excess baggage - do it, do it, do it.....


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