Saturday, 15 February 2014

Shapes : Ovals, hearts and diamonds..

Well I have been absent a couple of days. We went on a Business Growth Day in Exeter on Thursday and stayed over for Valentine’s eve..It was really nice..We stayed in an aparthotel so had a kitchen and.loungs so I took some snacks and breakfast and it was almost like a holiday..just days too short!

The weather in these parts was terrible again on Wednesday night and again yesterday, it is hard to believe some of the videos and pictures showing on Facebook..I should get some linked to here so in the future my family can link in to them.  There are many pictures of the sea damage to the promenade in temptation is to say it is an improvement ;-) .?in that maybe now the impetus and funds can be managed to really make a difference and regenerate our sad town which has fallen by the wayside where development and trendiness have been bestowed on the lovely St Ives and other towns.

We got back to the office and there was some catch up..but even the phones seem quiet with so much of the country distracted with weather and network disruption.

Today April and I have had the two girls and they are sleeping over is with the other Gran..divide and rule being the plan whilst there are 3 under 6 years old!

Colin came with us to the park..everyone's favourite if they are under ten years old! I pondered how to find an oval or sphere several times and offer a cartoon zebra head..Apologies if others found this prompt hard ..!

Hearts come easy as I share with you my Spring Valentine's decoration of the seasonal branch...lots of heart jewelry and also a gift from Kate 'Best Mum' .

Oh and I couldn't let the chat pass without a few pics of the girls. .and of Annabelle when she was here in the week..


  1. Great photos. The girls are so cute. I love my grandsons but I would have loved to have had at least one grand daughter locally to spoil. We have the two older ones in Ohio but we are not really close to them. Sad. : (

  2. Beautiful photos. Almost can't wait for the grandchildren so we get some lovely photos!!!!!!!!!

  3. What lovely pictures of your girls. You've had a really busy week this week.
    I love the picture of the heart.

  4. Lovely photos of the girls and some blue skies too!!

  5. gorgeous photos of the girls :)


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