Monday, 3 February 2014

Media: A Picture I Love..

Even when I was setting this challenge this is the picture I knew I would choose.

I bought this for Colin quite a lot of years ago..I think I have always liked it best, you know when you get to the point when you just don't know what to buy your husband so you choose something you'd like instead...

I have it hanging in my scrap room but think I will bring it down to be in our new living room / kitchen as it is cream and has a.nice beachy feel with our fish ornament and the seal..more reminders of them as the week goes on..


  1. Oh I can see why you love it, reminds me of the picture of the little girl collecting shells which is one I love. xx

  2. What a lovely picture. It is one you sit and look at for a long time

  3. What a lovely picture. I love pictures by the sea or any other water. Most of mine feature the sea!


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