Thursday, 6 February 2014

Media : our Favourite TV

Well I almost forgot to post today.. and I haven't got anything I have to watch at the moment but probably I like Comedy ..think Gavin & Stacey or Men Behaving Badly...and also good Drama especially if James Nesbitt is in it like Murphy's Law ..

Currently the only thing I record is Hostages and Col and I watch it with Kate on Sunday evenings.  It has Tony Collet in it and some good looking guy.. and it is similar to 24 in that it has lots of twists and turns.

Last year I was a big stand up comedy fan and watched so much I think I have maybe had just about enough ..Al Murray and Rhos Gilbert are just my favourites. .X

Colin loves airplane and some war programmes and Kate relaxes watching reality rubbish which I sometimes peek at to keep her company! Jordan likes Dr Who and unusual stuff..super heroes she said!

The pic shows some of the crazy mix we have recorded in the past couple of weeks...and for a moment I forgot I have a whole new series of Stella with Ruth Jones to watch soon..x


  1. That's definitely a mixed programme. The one I love on your list is Stella.

  2. great mix of programmes, I love these USA dramas, Hostage Homelands etc :)


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