Monday, 10 February 2014

Shapes: Squares

Ooops...I just posted this in Lucky Snapping by mistake!!

Loving these tea light holders Jordan brought downstairs last week during the power cut.

Amazing how squares and rectangles appear in so much home decor..

(Our Zac called this evening and Ross had a long chat with him...everyone is getting excited to have him home next week...Col is going to visit a few customers and them meet him at, I am keeping the home fires burning..technically Ross does the fire lighting but I am keeping things busy here ..)


  1. These tea candle holders are very beautiful! Your picture is excellent!

  2. Lovely. You've got circles there as well.

  3. Love all the shapes we can see!! How exciting to have Zach home next week xxx

  4. oh they look lovely, love the colours


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