Monday, 27 January 2014

Winter Views : outside

Well this is a picture I took yesterday morning..We think with all the rain the roots of this huge fir have become unstable and as there is a bank down into our garden the tree may well have started to lean towards the road and possibly the house close by.

Ross' pal does some tree work for us so is coming to lighten the load next Saturday but it may well need taking down altogether ..A view to watch!
It's also a great view to pick as hopefully it will have some people in sight some seasons as it's our deck and barbecue favourite is eating a lazy Sunday brunch out there ...

My plan was to take another pic of the field below the yard where Colin plans to build our new workshops...but it's been so grey and wet today that it just hasn't been good to nip out for a will post one from down the field showing the temporary containers which block our view and take another tomorrow..xx


  1. It is still very green there. I guess that won't change until you have snow. Great pictures though with the sun peeking through.

    1. Green.. that is the continuous rain which does it! We don't get much snow down here in the SW, a bit of frost but generally we are the wet warm bit of the UK!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Huge yard.

  3. Look forward to your view changing over the year

  4. I can't believe it is so green! Lovely views and can't wait to see them in summer.


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