Sunday, 5 January 2014

Resolutions: Family

This year is the year Kate will learn to drive..The last one in our family.... it's Colin's job here as I have done the homework, the school plays and the general 'motherly understanding' (Kate's words)

First lesson ..clutch control forward and reverse...


  1. lovely photo , our first has just started to learn to drive.

  2. Always the model eh!! Glad we did all this years ago, good luck for Col and Kate!!!

    1. Always! She starts a new job tomorrow in a call centre .. We will be entertained by that I am guessing! X

  3. Good luck, so glad we are passed that now. lol. xx

  4. Good luck!
    The photo of the week 1! Bravo!

  5. The last one so not far off not being a taxi service lol


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