Saturday, 4 January 2014


To get rid of some and wear more than the top two layers in my drawers!


  1. Excellent idea for a picture of a wardrobe with drawers!
    Different look and vision is the essence of this challenge!

  2. What a good idea, throw out what you haven't worn for ages and start a fresh. xx

  3. I did all of that when we were readying the house to put it on the market. My closet looks empty now! LOL! I think it is a necessary evil that has to be done every once in a while.

  4. Excellent idea but don't forget to buy new clothes. I did the first part last year but then I often really have nothing to wear as I don't often go shopping for my clothes.

  5. Oh I can never thro out just incase..... LOL but I can buy new as you well know!!


I am hoping that 'Anonymous' has stopped stalking me with his Spam now, but may have to put verification back on if it comes back.. I just can't buy any more over the counter drugs or Louis V handbags girls!! ;-)