Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Colours :Blue

These little dishes were in my Mum's cupboards and I don't really remember them being used much...but now they are in my crockery drawer and we seem to use them all the time..
..cute and blue xx
I looked after Lyla this afternoon..part of a new plan for the New Year .. we watched the Hungry Caterpillar ..several times!
 She likes to play with a bunch of beads I have in a dish, sadly they won't all thread very easily so we played marbles with them..I picked out some of the blue ones to show you..


  1. Certainly are cute and blue. Gorgeous actually. xx

  2. I think we watched The Very hungry Caterpillar about 20 times... x

  3. The dish is a little work of art.
    I guess this is China porcelain. What a nice memory!
    The beads - stones are very beautiful!

  4. Love the beads and the china. Never seen the hungry caterpillar but Alan and I discovered the grufalo and love it x

  5. Lovely dishes and oh yes I too know the Hungry Caterpiller off by heart!!

  6. I love the dishes. The beads are pretty as well. Are you going to make a necklace with them?


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