Sunday, 19 January 2014

Inside : A surprise..

Well I guess for today's picture I should have shown those lovely motion sensor lights Col put in my wardrobe. .but I was needing a cupboard picture that day!
Update on those..We will be having more ..In the other wardrobe and in some cubby holes and drawers too. For those of you who asked they came from Amazon and they were about £11 each..and they are stick on or screw on..X

So..The 'Pirate Weekend' continues.. We didn't make cupcakes. . But we did some more colouring and jigsaws and stuff..then the rain showers cleared and Col and I took the girls over to Praa Sands...It was glorious..Blue sky, fluffy clouds and bright sunshine but a chilly wind ...Lilly wrote 'x' marks the spot every few steps and Lyla found some treasure .. to be fair they drove a lot of the pirate themed imagination and we just went along with it.. makes us sound great though. .haha the perennial weekend with the grandparent syndrome!

We went and got some lunch in the SandBar and they have an aquarium you can view from high sides..The perfect picture...looks like the tank has a surprise inside..A pair of pirate girls!

Oh and Lyla is so so hard to keep still, she always leaves a picture before it takes! 


  1. gorgeous pictures, I particularly like the last one :)

  2. Wonderful photos. It is all so beautiful and the pirates are still adorable!

  3. I saw these photos and thought you had them on Monday too!! It was a lovely time with them xx like the inside of the tank!!!


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