Saturday, 4 January 2014


So.. this year we that have more of our weekends away. Also to go on a holiday with Zac and the girls when he is home mid-Feb.

Our real desire is to go to the Maldives and have lots of those snorkeling swimming in a sweet jar! But then there is the option of going somewhere like the Med and getting some sailing practice..well for Col and the, I shall probably practice lying quietly in the sun with a book of choice.

But then again we might go back to that nice place in Tenerife and make sure that's still nice ..and we can be there and enjoying food, drink and the sun in about 6 hours..unlike the 20 hours from here to our dream island..

..found these brochures in a drawer..oh and the yard in hail.. nothing like a grey day to make you want a holiday..


  1. Sounds like wonderful plans. xx

  2. One never knows!
    Ask and you shall receive!
    Heartily wish you a dream holiday!

  3. You always have to have some plan for the future. You need something to look forward to. We are hoping to make a big trip in 2015 if we can save the money. We want to visit England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I hate dull, gray weather.

  4. So important to have something to look forward too. We have a full year of trips and then a holiday in China in 2015 to look forward to.

  5. Lovely in the New Year to plan, we have already started to mull over ideas but nothing in tablets of stone yet! peter has the idea to fly to Washington/Baltimore and see friends and then drive to Kentucky and more friends but I am inclined to stay nearer home to visit Cornwall ( I will get there!!) and ????? it will be intersting to see what happens!!

    1. Definitely make a plan so some of us can meet up.. you are so welcome to come hee and meet my mottled crew .. cream teas on the deck ..or indoors if it it does!! Balintore is great too though ..maybe not so relaxing .. why not try a cruise to NYC deal x


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