Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Colours : White

I think I should have set Black & White as today's prompt as white on its own is not so easy..I know this now!

In our house we have a joke that I change our bedding ..well I strip it and wash it..but I stop short of remaking it..and I often forget to do it..and then bedtime comes!! It is often when Colin is away and he comes home to have to make the bed with me before he can get in it!!
So today I have got half way there..

...and Jordan made this lovely sour dough bread..(and mushroom soup)


  1. lovely looking bread and a challenge is fun to make us think :)

  2. I like just having white - makes me think

  3. Really like our challenge.
    /I also thought about white sheets - but I was afraid to show it on the internet.
    Therefore I say to you - well done!/
    Lovely looking bread - congratulations, Jordan!

  4. the bread looks lovely, i have done the same with the bering too

  5. I am the same I wait for Peter to help me make the bed and often it is when we go to bed :)

  6. We are terrible at keeping the bed made though we are having to right now in case someone comes to look at the house. The bread looks yummy and mushroom soup sounds really good. What time is dinner? LOL


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