Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Colours : Black

There are so many blacks..and so many of my clothes are black I can't always see the item I need in the mornings!

I like a black interior to the car ..

I collected Lyla from playschool and the first thing she wanted to do was eat her lunch!

We went shopping and I bought her Moshi Monsters cupcake making kit for us to make next Tuesday x

We are off car hunting tomorrow and may just stay out for a night..but never fear I have the prompt all ready for next week ..and thanks to Borqna for her ideas for other weeks..x


  1. Playing is hungry work. Good luck with the car hunting.

  2. Lyla is very cute

  3. What a good idea to car hunt and not come home for a night!! Enjoy xxx

  4. I hope you find a lovely car - without being too exhausted.

  5. Great picture of Lyla. Good luck on the car shopping.


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