Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Winter View : Food!

Maybe not our favourite winter food but one that everyone knows about in our house (!!)..curried cauliflower soup. ..It permeates the whole house..so it has to be eaten quickly and the windows left open upstairs to flush the whiff through!

Pictured today in a lovely big soup bowl Sam bought us for Christmas. ..

Oh and an extra shot of the view from my kitchen..too many parked cars but I hope over the seasons this view will change to show Colin's new units..


  1. Um, I don't think I would care for your soup. I like cauliflower okay but we are not big curry fans. There are a few things I have eaten with curry I like, as long as it is mild. From what I see on British TV shows, curry is big in the UK (if this is really true). It's a very appetizing picture though. Like the update of your view.

  2. Very nice post and pictures - you also have a photographic feel.
    We prefer pickled the cauliflower / to rakya - Smile! /.
    The orchid in the picture is a great accent in this winter day.

  3. Not the view I was expecting from your kitchen window!!

  4. The bowl is wonderful and the soup looks interesting. I can't wait to see your view with new units.

  5. like the soup whiff, lol nice view with the orchid :)


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