Sunday, 26 January 2014

My World in 7 Words

There are words from a Chris de Burgh song which come to mind when you visit St Ives on a day like today : 

The cafe's are all deserted
The streets are wet again
There's nothing quite like an 
out-of-season holiday town in the rain

Well today we had rain, wind, sunshine and a rainbow all in ten minutes!

Col and I like to grab a couple of hours there of a weekend..A couple of drinks, a walk in whatever weather is being thrown at us and a little peeking round the shops..time to chat and reconnect..brings to mind another 7-word phrase:

'Still having something to talk about together'..

yep, we do, 23 years later.. result! 

3 weathers in 10 minutes!


  1. That's lovely! We've been together the same amount of time and I think it's lovely to still have some time together.

  2. Beautiful photos. Great post. I love spending time with the hubby doing things and talking.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations!
    Amazing post - I like your 7 words!
    I like the quote from the song too!
    Great collage of pictures!

  4. love how you have merged the photos together, its great that you still have things to talk about too.

  5. Love the way you have shown us your photos. Time with hubby is the best time in the world

  6. Love that song and often singing it in my head around here. xx


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