Monday, 13 January 2014

Inside : my house.

Well Jordan and I just got in from Pilates and April has been to can guess who is the most exhausted ..April!  Poor thing, she is finding it hard to raise an arm for a wave!

I almost forgot today's picture .. lucky Ross had been tidying ...see him in the mirror! He likes to organise our porch and shed, a degree of OCD there and he isn't keen to take on a cooking shift!  Jordan cooked some pasta early on so no need to make a supper .. ah ha I like Monday evenings!

Colin is out fetching Kate as her new call centre job is from 10 til 8pm on a Monday and the is no train after that for almost an hour! She did a weeks training last week and learnt a lot about debt and finance .. she is working hard and slept most of Saturday afternoon and evening as she gets up earlier than I have ever known..ahh, the beckoning finger of a pay packet.. that's a snippet of inside my house this winter Monday evening ...

Stop Press..Kate made her first sale and has earnt commission already..she even came home sporting her work cravat ..The school tie rarely lasted the journey home ..


  1. Lovely post today!
    Very pleasant surroundings / soft colors / and nice atmosphere / young spirit /!

  2. lovely comforting room, and well done kate

  3. well done Kate .love the way you have caught Ross in the mirror

  4. Lovely to see a bit of family life in your home today!!

  5. Lovely photo of family life.

  6. Great photos. Your room is so cozy and welcoming. That is where I would want to be on a cold Monday.


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