Thursday, 2 January 2014

Resolutions: Drink!

So... We are just getting going now into January and it's not easy! The phones are pretty quiet and we are functioning on half staff so it feels like a lull. .before the storm maybe.. as they promise us yet more blustery weather tonight and tomorrow.

We already had thunder clapping as the New Year arrived and a grey day yesterday.  Col and I took flowers out yo our Mums and it was pretty grey in the churchyards. .brightening a bit at Marazion later on. We even tried out a bar/kitchen in an Old School..New Years egg on toast .. I love to see how old schools and chapels get converted into new space..often very inventive.

We had some sun today before the wind started to pick up...I have been to restock on food and in fact may well have more in than over Christmas. .but that's a good thing.

It's not like I need anything else to yap about but for some reason I am suffering with some kind of anxious thing... back before our trip in September I thought I had the start of a sore throat, I always expect some cold or something if I am going away..a bit pessimistic I guess. It never materialised and before we went away in November I felt it again..a kind of pressure on my throat, like a collar done up too tight..not inside..just as if I pushed on my throat with my fingers..

So I went to the doc. .a boy of about 12 years old.. who listened and clicked his NHS windows to arrive just where he had decided in the first ten seconds and just where I had expected .. a Globus Hystericus or some other 'mad middle aged woman' type diagnosis. Reassurance and come back in 3 or 4 weeks if no better he said, with the undercurrent of ...'and then see someone older who may actually have an original thought of his own ' .. not sure if it was him or me who thought that the loudest. .haha

Well all was well..I was reassured and it passed off with the flurry of Advent activity ...until the week after work finished. .It just feels odd..not all the time..just all the time except when I drink or eat or get busy! 

So I eat, drink, keep busy but it is still there ....last night I read more..more self diagnosis and honed the sensation down to a more precise diagnosis..yep..still based on anxiety .. to be fair I guess I should go back and check but the idea of a nasty thing stuck down my throat and endless hours passed from pillar to post until I catch something proper nasty does not appeal. .but then I think I sound like an even crazier person who refuses to go to the doctor!

So what do I have to be anxious about? Baring all the things which are pretty much resolved from the past x number of years .... life is currently going along very nicely.. ahah. .maybe that's the rub..I now have created in my happiness something to worry about!!

So..not quite driven to drink ..and for this I offer you a recent purchase..chocolate Bailey's. ...just a small bottle, as yet unopened..I plumped for a nice cup of tea..with a smidgeon of sugar to help me along (yep the healthy eating today went by the by after the second chocolate digestive...but I do have an excuse!)

And also a collage of my picture views from yesterday..

Paul, Porthcurno & Mount's Bay 


  1. Wonderful post and photos!
    Many thanks for the new the challenge.

  2. GO BACK KATHI - the tube down the throat is not as bad as you think, believe me, just go back and get it checked please!!! xxx

    1. yep.. okay.. promise.. though as today progresses I think it is resolving.. or rather, I am fretting less x

  3. I love the pictures. Kathijo, I agree with Karen. Go back and get the tests done. That way you won't worry about it anymore. You may just be having esophageal spasms for some reason which is nothing serious. A self diagnosis is not good. If they were I would have died a long time ago, LOL xxxx

    1. Sure I replied last night Joy.. Thanks. .I know it's the right thing to do..xx

  4. Now I would say don't worry as I have had that experience with swallowing and self diagnosis (of course we are intelligent beings and those drs are so young LOL!!) was lots of things, I diagnosed too much alcohol ot the big C but still didn't go anywhere!!!! Any way it finally went ..the feeling of something stuck especially swallowing and eating and still having a drink or two :)

    Perhaps you shouldn't listen to me as just read in paper about over 50's who are in denial about their should I go at 68 with knees that hurt, neck with pains . hand with pins and needles sometimes especially when I lay on my side at night etc etc or will he just tell me I am aging, yes I think so :)

    1. Loving that Lynn. .today I am thinking it's to do with my neck..trouble is the docs have a standard route whilst I want to present my clipboard and have.them think and bout it a while..haha..We shall see..and young xx


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