Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Winter View : Sky

Well January has brought us short sharp shocks in the form of big rain clouds and stormy squalls through Cornwall as the weather tracks up across the country from the South West!  Hey..I sound like a weather girl!

This sky shows an example of just how confused it I wear a coat..or will I need sunglasses!

Also a little tweaking in my 'effects' on my phone   Vintage effect sky!


  1. Great photos - well done!
    I like your idea of ​​the second picture!
    Don't worry KathyJo -
    we collect our snow and we will soon pour from you! joke

  2. Very similar sky to ours yesterday!!

  3. I don' think we're in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.....

  4. Nice pictures! Don't you hate it when the weather can't decide what it wants to do?

  5. Beautiful photos! We were also confused about the weather until yesterday when it finally started to snow.


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