Friday, 17 January 2014

Inside : a building.

Well for the first time this year I have used an old picture.. A church in Lille in France from our trip a couple of years ago...............

Back here ..Zac has just called, we had a lovely long chat with lots of plans for when he gets home and his last phase at college til late July.  It turns out he has 7 weeks before college and not the 5 he thought so we may get some fine weather and chill time..

I think the whole family is in need of some R&R. ..The grandchildren have had coughs and colds and sleep is at a premium at their house.. so the big girls are spending a day an night with us tomorrow. Zac coming home is always a nice excuse to get together and much x

Work continues to be busy, Colin had two days away seeing customers and his van tells him lots of statistics.. that he has driven 38,000 miles in 3 years..900 hours driving and that is the same as driving 24/7 for 5 weeks! 

I have had some nice orders in..even one from Libya for a fertiliser company..They even want to pay half up front so I am pleased with often exports come to nothing after lots of thing and froing on emails! I should take my leave and get to bed so Super Nannie mode can recharge for 9am!!
Have a good weekend x


  1. great shot and have a great 'nanny' time today xx

  2. Love ceilings. My favorite is the gallery at Llanhydrock it's awsome. Have a great weekend being super nan x

  3. that is a lot of driving, all worth it in the end when you get that order though.


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