Saturday, 14 January 2012

What you'd call a brisk walk.

Living inCornwall we don't always make the most of it and this year Ross and April have made a resolution to do something at the weekends and enjoy what all the holiday makers enjoy for only a couple of weeks a year. Last weekend was Nanjizel beach and today I went along for awalk from Penberth, up over the cliff and to the Logan Rock pub for some lunch before down the hill again to fetch the car. It was lovely, the sea was grey and wild but when the sun came out it turned blue and beautiful.. 

I was quite well behaved, not too heavy on the nostalgia, perhaps because we weren't really dawdling due to the easterly wind and consequently a nice chill. But there was no rain and it was fab to get up on the cliff and see the cove from up there. Porthcurno bay was gorgeous with a huge flock of birds enjoying the wind and surf on the sand bar off Pendne and Prie beaches.  

We were surprised the walk was quite quick, I think that had something to do with the weather making us walk a little faster..and the rest to do with the fact that I remember the walk from when I was about five or six years old, little legs dragging up the side of the cliff and the whole event seeming to take hours... even Ross remembers the cove as being a lot bigger when he used to go there as a little kid..x
I love rocks covered with Lichen!

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  1. good times, hopefully keep this up. Not a bad resolution hey? xxx


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