Monday, 30 January 2012

365/30 Collection!

Well in my life the are many collections, often piles of 'stuff' to be sorted, but I am trying to use pictures which give a taste of my life too.. so this is one of my little corners of the kitchen where a collection of metal signs lives. Jordan gave me the card and it is in the same kind of theme.. and reflects our house.. just when you lose someone from the list of people to feed, someone else arrives or others come home with extra babies or friends in tow!  And I'm loving it!!

And yesterday three of the kids were home and they were all wearing the same bright green.. okay a tenous link to a collection of green tops (!) but here's a shot to mark the day when Jb was sad to say bye to Zac as he wends his way to warmer climes for the next 3 months aboard the Sapphire Princess.  I am sure they were twins, separated at birth, plus 27 months!

Say Cheese said Zac!


  1. love those vintage funnies, cool kids too.

  2. Love your collection and your children

  3. had to go back miles to find where this photo challenge started!! You are such a good blogger these days.... interesting - I hope you are able to keep up with it, you are definitely one of those people who should get your blog printed off into a book year on year - it would be a brilliant family momento. x

  4. Ahh thanks Janice.. Col's uncle in the States had a yearbook of pics done once which was nice... and yes, did miss the first couple of weeks, not sure if I'll catch up or leave them be! It is a good way to make me blog and i try to slip it into today's news ..kind of!


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