Saturday, 14 January 2012

New Year's Eve... welcoming 2012!

Sponge Bob & Cap'n
The Macarena..
Figure head..aka Sam!

Well it seems the way of things this month, playing catch up with my blogging, but I am keen to do it as so many good things happen and it would be a shame to let the days pass by un-blogged..yes, it would seem a small addiction is taking hold!

So, to 31st December 2011..Col and the boys had moved furniture out and set up twp projectors and screens so we could show the music videos JB and Zac had compiled for the night.  April and I set to work on a big batch of sandwiches and Col and I had plundered M&S and Tesco for a good variety of snacky finger food (I had long since given up a plan to make canapes and cute little desserts, the fridges and cupboards had plenty of Christmas left-overs and the plan was to provide food people didn't need to eat with a fork!.. this worked famously as the double pile of unused plates and napkins showed the next day!)

Yer tiz..them Pirates!

So to the party, there was a nautical theme, small homage to Zac's impending first 'sea phase' on Princess Cruises and despite thinking everyone would turn out in sailor mode it seems that Johnny Depp and his crew have really cornered the market for fancy dress pirates and their 'molls'.  There was a few disappointments with the usual last minutes 'sorry's but we still had a good 25 and made a decent party. The music videos were brilliant, cries of 'yeeesssss' to a good track and moans to the black and white classic Dusty Springfield type tracks, but something for everyone, and if there wasn't then Zacfound it pretty quick.  We saw midnight come and go with a few bottles of Rose Cava, Mariah Carey's great video with fireworks and Auld Lang Syne and sadly people mostly headed off home by about two, but Zac and Lucy, Col and I hung it out til three!

2 am girls x

Eventually thought we should go to bed as everyone else was settling down.. for a couple of old early nighters I think we did good, threw a pretty good party, had not too much clearing up to do and vowed to have that much fun again soon..!


  1. sounds as though you had a great time, and sad we missed it. xx

  2. Ahh, no worries, next one in May when Zac is home for the month..hope Alan will be running by then x

  3. I hope the other one will be done by then and we can do some normal stuff xx have started going for some walks and he is really positive about his recovery.
    love and hugs

  4. ahhh Yvonne glad you came back and could see the pics.. always plenty of staying over space and sitting down places.. we like sitting down! xx


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