Saturday, 28 January 2012

365/28 Fluffy!

So, since 9am or even before that I have had the word 'fluffy' in my head, the picture prompt for today. mmmmm...first thought was the state of my brain at times, (but hard to photograph)...ahhh, there will be a soft toy around this evening when the family convenes for curry night...(too easy and a cop out).. or maybe I'll find some warm socks (more cop out)
So it's almost time to go make the curry and we will all start getting busy for our 'Zac's nearly last night' and I'm playing around with my tablet in front of the TV... and there he is.. fluffy Chandler!

Sorry, will try harder!


I am hoping that 'Anonymous' has stopped stalking me with his Spam now, but may have to put verification back on if it comes back.. I just can't buy any more over the counter drugs or Louis V handbags girls!! ;-)