Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 13: 19 December

(Okay so it was a 14 day holiday but somehow I have gained some days.. I may or may not find them when I look back over this, but I think it's all to do with hours travelled.. pity I didn't do Geography huh?!(I did.. that's the joke there, in case you didn't get it) )

Today was still grey and quite windy, nice way to get a few rays without the burn factor! Kate even put a cardi on, bless here, and had plans for a hoodie evening too!
A little slack on things to talk about whilst laying out (after almost two weeks that IS allowed isn't it?).. so I embarked on a game... 'I spy with my little eye something beginning with.......'S'
Well when you start it is so funny .. I just kept finding them...sun / sea/ sand / sky / sailing boat / surf / sandcrabs /snorkeller (then it started to get really funny...well I thought so..) sarong /  sexiest swimsuit  etc etc.  Col on the other hand was alittle less amused, not being one for wordy games in any case... 'Simpleton' was his offering!

But the grey skies returned and we decided we'd best go back to our villas.. as it was ... 'spitting' (for Peter Kay fans everywhere).  So we settled down for an hour and Col and I watc
hed one of his early Christmas presents, Jeremy Clarkson's DVD about the Raid on St Lazaire... an epic tale, not quite tropical island-ish but heroism at its best.

Jordan dragged Col out to do some long exposure photo shots with her tripod, She came back with some nice shots while he came back with some mossi bites!  As for me I noted the silence, a DVD stopped in mid comment, no air conditioning on, a moment in time, all alone, not many moments like this on our holiday as we are together 24 / 7. What should I do with the time.. head in book, a chapter down.. and the door opens, the moment is gone!

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