Monday, 9 January 2012

Back in the saddle?

Okay, so I'm not sure where the last two weeks have gone, but suffice to say I and all the family are alive and well.  Perhaps the lack of blogging proves that I do have a life 'outside' the computer and perhaps the new year has started off quite well since I have not been here bemoaning the grey January days etc etc... mind you, those of you who have managed to blog from beneath the heavy charcoal cloud which ushers out the tenth to twelfth days of Christmas have had my vote as to be fair the few days last week when we had to get back to work were grim to say the least!

Speaking of 'Grim' my dear heart has slogged his way to Grim-sby tonight, via Solihull and somewhere else kinda mid-England. About eight hours driving and at least two sessions of being squeekily nice to customers, the guy deserves a medal!  (but in the words of Dr. DWL Leslie, my first employer... 'you'll have a medal dear..but not this week')

Anyways, it is a small crew at home once more; Zac has wended his way back up the south coast for a couple more weeks of Marine College (and today got his Navigation results.. 97%.. atta boy!) before he comes home at the end of the month to buy some suitcases, pack some clean white boxers and socks and ready himself for the white uniform of Californian cruise ship world... well to be fair the white for his first couple of months could be white painting overalls, but you get the drift!  He starts with two weeks from LA to Hawaii and back, if nothing else he will be 'in the warm' as we call it, well away from all the weather the UK can throw at us!
With Col out on calls, Kate out for tea and Ross on his first gym session of the year, that leaves me, JB and Pops. A lasagne is bubbling away, JB is blobbing to the Simpsons, I'm blogging and well, Pops will be here any minute!   Shall have to go then but promise to return and catch up before the evening is over.

So, will I ever finish the holiday blog, will it take precedence over the tales from New Year's many questions, but all evening to answer them! To lighten the wordiness of this, here's a little taster of the party pics..

Mine hosts!
The Macarena..

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