Friday, 27 January 2012

365/27 Amazing!

Well I got as far as early evening and apart from lots of telephone calls and emails keeping me busy all day (my pennance for having two days out I suppose, and worth it to be fair), I cannot think of anything especially amazing which happened today...and said so. Our no.4 child put out her arms in a ta-dah fashion and I was going to photograph her and Zac but the moment kind of passed.
So I looked through my pics on my tablet and for sure I found a picture to suit.. an amazing layout of an amazing picture of the most amazing place in my life...Treryn Castle, a headland just near Porthcurno where we go in our boat during the summer, just to hang out and charge my spiritual batteries!  My parents raised our family close by and my Dad fished these waters all his life and I love that to be there I can feel that nothing has probably changed in the 50 years since touching back through time.


  1. That is an amazing place and a beautiful layout.

  2. amazing blog from and amazing person
    love and hugs

  3. What a lovely story, that has tempted me to go, I love our coastline :) Great layout too :)


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