Monday, 30 January 2012

365/29 Kitchen Utensil!

Well those who know me will know how hard I find it to give a short single answer and yesterday's photo prompt is just that... pick a utensil, any utensil.. and I have to show you everything, but to be fair, they are my favourites!

The little peeling / chopping /slicing knife has been 'lost' a couple of times, but always seems to turn up, in a cake tin with a half eaten cake or 'in the wrong place' in the drawer.

The pizza cutter has survived almost 20 years of married life, a little extra gift from Col's auntie and it has outlived a few other comedy (Homer Simpson) cutters.. and we like our pizza in the Jones household!

The utensil set on the wall was a Christmas present from Col, he gave me each one separately and was dumb founded when I opened the second soup ladle , he hadn't even realised he had bought two when he was wrapping them!

Last but by no means least my steamer, I use it almost every decent meal and cook all the veg in it, potatoes first, then carrots, broccoli, peas, the lot!

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