Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 12 : 18 December

Oily post-spa head!

Started the day with a nice snorkel 'out back' with JB, those crayfish really do think they can't be seen don't they... someone needs to tell them that their antenna stand out so clear amongst the fish. Mind you I guess they'd be hard to prise out of the holes they have backed into, that's some fine parking!

In the afternoon Kate had a manicure and I got a back, neack and head massage ... interesting ... Lying on my front I felt the lady put pressure on the backs of my calves, then on my knees and then on my thighs.. equal pressures on each leg... hang on a minute, she has pressure on both calves, knees and legs at the same time. she's actually on me, her knees and hands doing the work.. Such a good job Col or Kate didn't come with me, I'd probably have thrown the poor girl off with my laughing! 

Today I started reading Eat, Pray, Love...I didn't realise it was going to be quite such a biographical tale, thought it would be more like a novel. Will be interested to see how it goes and then see the film.

Ahhh, Chamila.

Chatting in the evening to our fave bar guy Chamila, talking to him and others about the rise of the tourist resorts in all parts of their home island of Sri Lanka. These guys should go back home and show what they know, they could be heads of tourism!  I always love to tell them about my few weeks there, way back when in ..err..1982 or was it 1983.. either way the troubles came 'after me'(mmm..?!) but I remember lots about their special places like Kandy's Temple of the Tooth and Dambula / Sigiria and it is nice to see their faces when I know where they lived and stuff., it's kind of like giving something back to them.  We talk quite a lot of visiting Sri Lanka, maybe take the girls at least, they could be ready for something a little less lazy and little more cultural?

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