Saturday, 5 September 2009

Happy Birthday Zac!

We are but 8 minutes into the day and Zac is out on the open road..! He said he'd probably be blogged by the time he got back and who I am to disappoint? So proud of him and Col as they sat in the car running through all those special technical points, and I shivered in the cold, but did my duty as Mom to wait and watch until they left the yard. Colin has so much confidence in him he said he'd be happy to drive to Manchester .. xx

We had a great eve at Lisa & Tom's house, Indian take-away for Zac's 17th birthday tea and plenty of yap! We all love their new place, it's a proper little home and I think they're going to make a great family there. I suggested they charge a toll for people to leave and maybe they could put it towards a deposit to buy it someday!

All of us were there, that is bar Ross, who starts a new job this eve, I think this is his fourth job he has on the go...his real one and the three that fund, and are in fact his social life! There is talk of him and a mate running an evening 'groove lounge' in the winter.. a scene from Tom Cruise's Cocktail film springs to mind...go for it Ross!

Got my scrapping bag all ready last eve because I knew tonight would be a non-starter, so I'm all ready for tomorrow's day at Newlyn.. Linda has planned a Summer theme, but with a vintage angle, kind of Shabby Chic she called it.

I found some sweet photos from 1970, a St. Buryan Sunday School outing to Newquay, and in 3 of them my Mum is on her knees making sandcastles, digging or playing the fool. It is so touching to see her so much younger, she was younger than I am now, but I really don't remember her like that..but in fact I guess she really was quite a cool mum and what a thing to be widowed and on her own with a 10 year old in those days, it was a hard slog and certainly not as normal a situation as it would be today.

I used Picasa to enhance some of the images and it was really touching to see people's faces come alive, bigger and clearer. Only then did I see myself and my old pal Carol (Pengelly) were in the pictures..I bet her folks would like to see them too, the little boy is her brother Andrew and their folks go to the Centre in newlyn where ourScrap class is so who knows?
(Love the thumb mark too, think I shall have to be inventive with the effects, or maybe leave it, after all it does show you the state of 1970's photography too!)

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