Saturday, 26 September 2009

All big!

For bassing, read pollocking! We left Penzance about 9am, (after a merry dance around the numerous dingys left abandoned at the slipway.. abandoned just in the hope that they might deter us motorboaters from ever gracing the harbour again?).. headed off under a cloudy sky, but on a flat sea, for the Runnelstone.

The new lures did their trick, we caught about 20 pollock in less than an hour, even threw back some smaller ones.. the perspective on this one makes it look big enough to eat Kate, but it really WAS good size and great fun to bring in... Kate would get so excited when she got a bite she would go all weak and girlie and Zac teased her about lying on her back with her legs and arms thrashing about trying to land the fish!

Dear Col, he has the gutting job, tried to get Zac into it but it is on Zac's list of things he isn't bothered to learn.. haha, hope this blog still exists when HE is a dad! 

(On the way in across Mount's Bay the sun came out and I closed my eyes and said a small thank you for the chance to be out on the sea again, it's often been a wish these past years, and I'm very happy to be back there, where it all started..)

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