Monday, 14 September 2009

To Twitter.. or not to Twitter?

So, what is the Question?

Linda started it.. honest! I think I like it, I find it quite odd, but compulsive (as can be seen by the more than seemingly uninterested amount of tweets I have contributed)... and yesterday when I discovered the gorgeous Dawn Porter's blog I thought maybe I'd give it time.. and she was in Penzance the other day!!.. says she felt like she was in the corner of the world.. and I guess that's how we are really, that means that most of the time we can do just as we please without the rest of the world finding out..and I guess we like it too.

Anyways, Linda (JustScrapbookin on Twitter) has set her first Twitter Challenge .. to photograph some eyes and then journal them. I have tried, honest I have, but not to the best results..noses seem so huge when cut off at the bridge.. so I am cheating and using some crops of 'good eye' pics..

I thought this one might be interesting to journal, esp with the sunglasses element.

And what clear eyes these are.. so untainted .. no cut knees, no shampoo stings, no eye liner, no mascara, no hangover, no broken hearted tears...if only we could all keep them this way.

And here's our Joey, piercing eyes, he would eat us all if he was sized in proportion to us.. he is a rat catching, bad-ass cat who ran the new female moggies out of town .....and we love him, if we can get close enough and it's on his terms!

Maybe I'll do the cat as somehow I find it a bit hard to journal the people's eyes, like it's too personal.. but we shall see.. may try for it on Weds eve at our first Social Just Scrapbooking evening..not so sure it will be JUST (as in only) Scrapbooking though, so much chat and so little time!

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  1. So jealous of Wed evening - give me a thought during your chatter - ploughing my way through childcare policies with our secretary!!!!


I am hoping that 'Anonymous' has stopped stalking me with his Spam now, but may have to put verification back on if it comes back.. I just can't buy any more over the counter drugs or Louis V handbags girls!! ;-)