Friday, 25 September 2009

Mind your language!

Zac made me laugh this morning...he has been to Hayle Community School..'A Language College' for the past 5 years, and he has a real maths -science brain.  He was never keen on languages and when Kate asked him the Spanish for 'school' he shrugged, thought for a second and suggested 'Schoolio?' Pretty evident that 3 years worth of studying Spanish will make all the difference in his future life!

Really made me laugh, but reminds me of the annoyance I felt when we chose his Secondary School..he was geographically allocated to Hayle which had Language College status, but would probably have been much better suited to Helston, a Technology College.  If he had chosen Helston we would have had to apply, then if he did get in we would have had to pay for his bus fare, or get him there ourselves....what was going to happen to the allocation of funds which were paying for his free bus to Hayle if he chose another school I wondered. 

But I guess it's a fight for another day. It would be a full time job if we were all to chase down the stupidness of so many idiosyncratic laws we come across...perhaps we should all vote for Jeremy Clarkson for PM..interesting news if nothing else!

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