Saturday, 19 September 2009

People person..

... had an hour to kill in town when Kate was at Acro so peeked inside the door at Blue Snappa where Ross works evenings, half expecting him to be there supping a large American flat white ( ..!) and chatting to the staff , but it was real busy and he was behind the bar beavering away on a split shift.

He had just come from Surf session with kids at Sennen beach, but was still real perky and it touched me to see him chatting with customers. He has the knack of showing an interest and making them all feel special ... could imagine him running his own place one day... and with all the friends he has he'd keep it running just on his facebook and phone contacts list!

(Mind you he'd have to have an extra special sofa to accomodate him when the weary set in and hoodie was on!)

He reminded me of Mum when she did B&B over Mousehole for so many years. I think having different people coming and going all through the summer, and lots returning year on year, (esp you Frans) kept her going socially. Missed her today, saw several ladies out enjoying lunch with friends and family, doing a bit of shopping and wished I'd appreciated those times a bit more when I had them, life seemed so busy then, but I think we'd all say the same about the past eh?
(Almost a year now and having a bit of a peak.. is it significant? I know some faiths have a stone unveiling at this point and people can find it hard.. is this why? .. or will every anniversary feel the same..maybe so, I know she was sad most years come Easter time having lost her own Dad and then my dad at this time of year.)

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