Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Not sure if I mentioned it but my brother Ken turned 60 back in July (yeah, still my big brother!).. of course I did.. I posted the 'Covers' page...doh!
Well since late July I've been working away on an 8x8 scrapbook album for him .. and tomorrow I get to give it to him! It really is great to be able to give him something I have made, and something I just know will be unique.. and I hope special to him too
(Okay so I don't expect him to quite understand the scrapbook fever which accompanies such a project, but so long as he smiles I'm cool.. and he knows it's a pressie I want to see him open, so he is warned!.. will certainly beat the laughing mirror he gave me 15 years ago!)

I guess it's also for his children, an elementary family history, using lots of the pics I have, mostly found in Mum's and Aunt Edna's photo albums. Of course the most beloved are the ones of our Dad, down at Penberth, mainly with a 'Fish, Boats and Fish Again' theme, probably because he died so young and the pics we have of him are less and more poignant ... but anyway I just wanted Ken to have copies and be able to share them with his brood.

As he lives in France and his younger children are most definitely 'French' his grandchildren in turn might be interested to see pictures of their Cornish roots. I've covered our parents and their parents, and our lives in Penberth, the nostalgia in me is huge, as I reckon it is for just about anyone who was lucky enough to have lived a carefree childhood there.

I will post more later, but this is the title page...


  1. He will love it Kath, it is such a beautiful gift.


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