Thursday, 27 August 2009

One week later..

Zac is still in the news, got his GCSE results today, a clutch of A*'s and A's with a splattering of B's and C's. A job well done...and he's more excited by the day about the new car... counting the days to his birthday in 10 days..the stereo is fitted and the theory test is booked.. perhaps I should run a sweepstake to see how soon before he is out on the open road on his own!

Took Kate and cousin Madison to Illogan for Just Scrapbooking session yesterday morning, nice to see some old faces..and some who found my blog too.. hope it was worth a read!

Both the girls created some great pages, Centre Parcs featured large and our Lilly of course..loved the lilac lace on top of the bright yellow.. perfect for the hot week we had .. must have been 'summer', that week at the end of June. Interesting to see Kate use some of the same photos as I did but so differently... must get a shot of Madison's pages when we see her next.

Kate and I took Lilly to The Play Zone earlier in the week., or should I say Lilly and I took Kate.. haha, who had most fun!? Obviously great opportunities for scrapping.. what do you think?

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