Friday, 18 September 2009

The Eyes have It!

Just wanted to share the two pages I did at our social scrap session in the week...for Lilly's eyes I used some of the words I'd written below, to convey the feeling the perfectly bright eyes gave me ..
The pics of Colin were taken last May when Uncle Bill was over for his mum's funeral. It was a sad but thankful time and they spent some time in Mousehole where Uncle Bill captured these pics. I like scrapping his photos, often of a time and place where I was not fact the ones of Class of '09 were also taken by him.
I've used the words of a song we had for Jean, but the words suit Col too (soppy cow!)
and just how, how, you get these blogs to show as laid out on here when you click publish..I keep getting words where I want spaces and vice versa..eeeeeeeeeekkkk

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