Wednesday, 9 September 2009


What a brilliant morning I've had! Delivered the now famous album to Ken, he sat for half an hour in the car and we looked through it, it was such a pleasure to know he has so many photos now (.. he lost a good few with a fire in their house a few years ago.) I left him on Newlyn Quay and he had the book out again showing his crew the pictures of his school days where the guys Dad had been in his class at Humphrey Davy Boy's Grammar in 1961! .. that was such a moment for

Followed that with a quick lunch with Ross, we had so much to catch up on we kept losing track of who/ what / when we were gassing about....he's doing great, loving his new job and as usual the girlies love him!

Then fetched Zac & Tayla from college and headed home, detouring only for cream cakes to celebrate my birthday tomorrow with the guys at STS....finishing off the pre-birthday-day with a few coffees with Linda, chewing the fat at tea time...hey, and it's not even my-day yet!

And off to see Michael MacIntyre Friday.. so looks like one of those week-long events!

PS Full marks to Ross' mate Kerry who has full funding now and is a 'professional athlete', keeping the Cornish end up in the 2012 Olympics.



  2. well done on handing the album over - it's a great feeling to work on, and finish, something like that. He must have felt very choked up. You have lovely handwriting by the way!


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