Sunday, 6 September 2009

Class of '09.

I'm getting used to scrapping pictures someone else has taken now, and the ones above are again credited to Uncle Bill who was over when Zac and Tayla had their School Leaver's formal dinner back in May.

I spent so long on the Newquay layouts that this page was a kind of speed scrap, done and dusted in about an hour (dusted being the operative word as even more sanding!) I found the patterened paper in Linda's box of sad and lonelies (I think it was in the Magnolia range, but I always cut the page name off and fling it before I think of noting the name!)

I'm not sure if the pink accents jar with the orange flowers, but blame Katie's dress for starting the pink thing.

A few of our group have decided to meet up for social scrapping (sounds like a kind of friendly street fight) so it will be great to meet up more often and hear everyone's news..they tell me several read my blog and I was thinking maybe we could have a group / team blog for the Just Scrapbookers ..(no worries Linda, we'd def have the usual disclaimer at the bottom!)

I could set it up a bit like my other family blog I have where lots of people can howabout it girls, if you can email and Facebook you could def add to a blog??

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