Sunday, 27 September 2009


..okay, so no-one reads this right? Well I'm gonna spill a secret! ... after an appropriate build up of tension..
..I'm not sure I like fish! After filleting a good number, (admittedly getting a bit better with each one, but creating what appeared to be too large an amount of cast away bones and skin!) cooking some for tea last evening, eating same and then finding two more dishes full awaiting some kind of treatment or other in my fridge, I am not sure if I like them at all. Well not pollock, to eat, that is.

This is the girl (damn, I have to be?.. well maybe next year when I hit 50) who buys her tuna, swordfish and salmon vacuum packed from the 'local fishmonger' at Newlyn, perhaps that should have been hint enough!  My brother sometimes gives me a binbag full off his boat, but again it is freezer ready, huge pieces filleted and ready for turning into tasty fish pie ala microwave and masher!

I feel slightly guilty about it you see, always muttering on about my heritage etc and not really being assed to prepare and cook the standard  (may I say beautiful) fish we get in our own back yard (for yard read Bay), but I do do a mean marinated mackeral and Ross is testament to that, yeah, he loves it.. is your taste for food in your genes I wonder..or is he just happy to travel along on my nostalgia tour with me, dear heart?

Anyways, I love crab and lobster too, so perhaps it's just the fish I have to fiddle with first which causes such a turn off?  Any offerings of ready picked and dressed crab or lobster always welcome, or get me a nut cracker and a skewer if I have to pick it out myself!...signing off now to eat there's a thing!

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