Sunday, 6 September 2009

It was a sandpapering frenzy!

Such a good day I said before the emphasis was on Vintage, but hopefully with a Summer theme.. how do you think I did?

I wanted to use a really busy paper but everyone (Linda and Emma to be exact) laughed at me, so I got sensible and subtle (neither lies very comfy with me as a natural state!) and used a distressed sand cardstock and featured lots of cuttlebugged and sanded whitewash core papers, also a lovely wordy piece from the Martha Stewart paper sent over from the States by Michele.

It was a real experiment for the Newquay title (as you may be able to deduce) I used gesso primer on the letters and paper, then moved the letters down and recoloured them, and actually I think it worked.. Most of us also enjoyed this little pocket affair which I made out of more embossed and sanded core paper and hid the memories and chat I don't want everyone to see!

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