Saturday, 19 September 2009

Village shows.

Just been to deliver the girls entries to the local village show...the place is teeming with people of all generations arranging rock buns, collages, fridge magnets and all sizes and kinds of fruit and vegetable you can imagine. It is like a scene from a Channel 4 off-the-wall documentary, with the personalities and long established traditions and habits shining through with an undercurrent of competitiveness and edge!

Shame though that we all make the huge effort for these annual events, but it is hard grind to get the same support on a more regular basis.. the same old war cry I guess for village halls everywhere.

I remember as a kid having to go to Sunday School Anniversary in St Buryan and learning poems etc to recite, I hated it all, even the new dress my dear spinster aunt would make me... but I was too good a kid to revolt.. mind you, I think we all were then. Can't imagine a similar situation now, life is too full of X Factors and surf wear for there to be room for being press ganged into poems and home-made dresses! (not to mention lack of inclination on our part to begin the press ganging.. makes me wonder now if my own Mum was only doing it out of obligation to a domineering sister or because honestly there was nothing else to do!)

(not sure if I should change name of this blog to Grumpy Old Woman, I hear echoes of my Gran asking me why I was playing cards on a Sunday with a 21st century slant!)'s a couple of pics the girls entered in the On or In the Water section of the photography class today.

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