Saturday, 1 May 2010

Altered images..

Jordan has been having a real fun time with her camera lately, she's a member of a site called deviantart and is inspired by lots of the altered images she sees on there. 
Add to that a younger sister with designs on a modelling career and we have the potential for much creativity in the house..

Last evening Jordan had Kate wear some distressed (to say the least) fishnets and her (JB's) Converse shoes, and sit in her bedroom window..good start for Kate who decided the shoes were so uncool and that they made her feet look big..but she passed the first model test, that you wear and do as the 'creative director' wishes!!

A bit later, PhotoShop allowing, this is our new screen saver on the house PC.. so cool!

And in my dreams too... to wake up and see the sea from my bedroom window.. that's actually, I have decided, all I want for my old age, so that shouldn't be too dificult should it...mind you with house prices and the economy the way they are it may involve lots more years work and some house hunting  before I get there. 
Daft really as we live only 5 miles from sea on all coasts, but having lived probably less than 100 yards from the sea for all my formative years, it's just something I want in the future.


  1. Fantastic Kathi, would JB give me some lessons in photoshop? x

  2. that would be a lovely view wouldnt it, it looks great. Well done to JB


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