Wednesday, 12 May 2010

So good...

... to hear Colin laugh out loud when he is away on a trip.... there are so many dull moments and hours spent driving from one customer to another or 'treading water' overnight in another bland Travel Inn that he often sounds really tired and bored.  So it's really nice to hear him laugh, even more so when the joke is at my expense, I feel like I've done my bit to keep his spirits up.

Last evening I had a catch up with my crazy Polish girlfriend from the next village, this is at least the third time in 6 months we've managed to co-ordinate some us-time so we're on a roll! She is a coffee addict and driving so was on the large cappucinos, and I plumped for the medium white wine.. oh dear, what a lightweight.. two large glasses and I was anyone's.. well, metaphorically!  Animated catch up was the order of the day and laughter proved the perfect medicine for midweek tedium.

I was relating the story to Col when I got home, told him that we dipped out on food as it was too late, so I bought a bag of crisps expecting that she would share with me...'No, you eat them', she said, 'I only wanted food so you would be eating and I'd have chance to talk...'

.. now does that sound like me?? I can still here him laughing...poor thing, he still can't believe that it's only 5 weeks since we got back from our holiday.. a sweet distant memory...

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  1. LOL - that is so good, I like the sound of your friend. x


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