Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Lethargy and a 'night out'

What is it that makes us all so lethargic some days?

..is it the fact that it is only Tuesday? ...or that we slept too heavily and woke feeling like our arms are lead weights and that we did three rounds with someone it would not be fun to do three rounds with?... or is it that we can see the lighter evenings coming, and with them the feeling that we should be using the extra daylight usefully, rather than languishing with a glass or two of the nice stuff in front of the fire each evening? .. or is it cos I'm trying to read/ digest/modify a Quality Manual...now that IS the definition of lethargy inducing behaviour!

Whatever the cause, it has got me today, and not just me.. but Ross and Col as well.. at least.
Not even a walk down the field at lunchtime, with my man and the dog managed to bring me enough sunlight exposure to eradicate this weary, so we can rule out SAD syndrome! (or maybe we need to lay in the sun and have it focus specifically at the back of our necks.. did I read that somewhere?)..

.. anyway, I have been promised a night out tonight (since Sunday.. if we can both muster up the energy / enthusiasm!),.. and boy, our Col knows how to treat a girl...Seafood Cafe in St Ives I wondered??... or maybe the cinema in Truro (not Penzance, the carpet  stick to your feet and the seats spew foam from the arms like candyfloss.. yukkk)

Nah, you all know him better than that.. it's Tuesday, BOGOF night at Domino's.... I did smile, I will love it, and who knows it may even be nice enough to have a wander in Falmouth too.. and better than that he knows that I know that the perks will be bringing home the 'One Frees' so I don't have to make lunch for the masses tomorrow!

Easily pleased, that's me...

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