Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pop-up Cards!

Its's been a good few years since I was selling Usborne Books at Home and encountered the Pop-Up cards book they published.  Mmm, two kids and some time to kill, I churned out a number of can-can pop-up cards with such things as Can-can Pigs in lace doiley skirts and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles can-canning inside Ross' card!  True, I needed rescuing from an existence where there was time and an inclination to make (or least of all buy the materials for) felt parrots.. thanks Col! 

So .... I wasn't sure how keen I was to make the 3D / pop-up layouts Linda had planned for us last week at Just Scrapbooking. But I had the perfect card to make and here it is.... dear son-in-law has been known to yawn a little at my scrapbooking habit, (though never when he or his babes are the subject I notice)... so his 30th birthday card became a token of my 'touchee' approach.. his loves of 'yawn' paintball... yes, we yawn just as much when Zac launches into paintball debate, perhaps that's why he has got the hypnotism bug, so he can use the paintball talk to set us in the initial trance eh?!

This is the outside of the layout..note the continued use of eyelets Linda, have a huge stock and challenge for the year is to incorporate on every layout perhaps?  Thanks Yvonne for the green swirl and the inside letters.. me and Yvonne have a nice symbiosis going on the last couple of scraps, we always seem to have just what the other needs.. well I hope she feels its mutual..

Here's the inside.. the stamped-on look of the inner paper was a real find and I couldn't resist using more of the 'paintball' beads I'd got for Zac's layout last autumn.

Hope your 30th was Happy Tom!

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