Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bring out the gingham pinafore..

.. may be last night's talk of Cydrax and Clarnico Mints, but today I felt the need to reacquaint myself with the domestic goddess in me.. well, the Cornish Mom anyways.

So, I've been baking this morning, a nice sponge sandwich now filled with strawberry jam, a Devon Apple Cake (ala Crank's Kitchen cookbook, now a family favourite) and a dozen scones...Col and the boys came in from the fields (not hay making, that'd be just too twee, but from putting up some fencing panels), had some sandwiches and then feasted on the scones.. not my best, but who cares when the jam & cream get added.

Just a further note on the Cydrax..this quote from a review on Amazon...
There are sparkling apple drinks and then there is Cydrax....

Apparently it is still made under licence in Trinidad & Tobago where it is even used to toast the bride & groom at weddings and they have kind of adopted it as their own.

Funny thing branding isn't it.. Jordan is doing a media piece on the different advertising angles used by Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (uses milk from the small farmer) and by Green & Black's (taking an organic slant). We talked about the target audience and out of interest we looked up the parent companies of the two ice creams.. oh yeah, the multi-nationals.. the two are owned by Unilever and Cadbury's doubt they are funding the clever advertising which attempts to make us believe the uniqueness is still decide.

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