Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Restoring my faith..

... in teenage offspring.. you know how sometimes you wonder if you'll ever have really meaningful sharing times again... and then they do something to make your heart all mush again?

Well Sunday was a lazy but doing day around the house.. Kate was the busiest bee really, she quietly got on with cleaning two fish tanks and a nice job she did too.(even though I could tell she really wished she was somewhere else, ..with someone else.. well, anyone else but us really!..she doesn't say so, but it was a Sunday and even I can remember the monoteny of the adults 'lazy Sundays' when I was a teenager, full of some angst or another)

Evening came and went, it was bedtime, all saying goodnight, checking things turned off.. I opened the oven to put some trays away... and her face lit up, like a small child at Christmas.. yes, I'd made rice pudding.. and it was still warm, perfect comfort food for teenage angst.... she was my baby and I was a hero again!

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  1. ..and as a footnote, eldest daughter also had big smile to hear the rice pudding was on offer..maybe it's the way to your kid's heart, through their stomachs.. and as for the men?!


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