Sunday, 16 May 2010

What happened to my mints!

As anyone who knows me would expect, I can even get nostalgic about sweets!

Well maybe it was my Mum who made me that way, telling me how Clarnico Mints were my Dad's favourites...but I do remember them having a specialness about them when I was a kid, alongside the Cydrax ( a forerunner of Appletise, appley but not so sweet if I recall, in a brown bottle with a cork stopper.....stored in the cool dark pantry under the stairs..)... as Dad had kidney problems and it made him feel sickly and tired quite a bit he used to take the mint, break it into pieces in the wrapper and have a little bit now and then to ease the nausea...I guess the Cydrax served similar purpose.

But I digress.. Every now and then when I have a weak moment when I buy a hoard of sweets or chocolate for the masses, the Clarnico Dad's mints ...catch my I buy some..

On arrival home the kids spy them too, Ross alerts Zac, he has spotted them in the cooking shelf (well an attempt to hide from myself really.. how often do I get to explore the cooking shelf!)  I allow them one each, and one for me...and two weeks later I find them again.. but there are only 4 or 5 left.. haha, who has eaten Mum's mints!!! So I gave one to Lilly, one for me... and the last 3 in a new hidey place.. no, sod it, I'll eat them.. then no-one can steal my last one..

And so it will go on, my thrice yearly foray into my sweet nostalgia..

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  1. I remember Cydrax - and Peardrax! I LOVED those drinks - far, far superior to Appletise (yukarooney) Those peppermint creams were my Dad's faves too! That crispy shell...that smooth interior.....


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