Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Paris Jones!

Not sure how this will read if you aren't familiar with our Kate, but suffice to say she is a typical 13 year old, loves clothes, shopping, her girlie pals and her hair!  She likes to play the blonde card and hey, if it works, good luck to her.. there'll be plenty of years where she'll have to fend for herself I guess!

Yesterday evening everyone was put to work getting out office & workshops ready for a customer visit.  Col uses it as a way of getting painting / cleaning/ refurbishment done as otherwise we get the maƱana mood.  Jordan took charge of the office and Kate took so long getting herself changed that she copped for the grim job.. cleaning the toilets!

Two layers of latex gloves and plenty of bleach later she came back into the house...'a human being should not have to do that job' she sighed..' I felt like Paris Hilton on the Simple Life'
... need we say more, she is so funny! Spent the rest of the evening talking about Jones Towers (as in the Hilton) and how 'Daddy would have to help her with that..'

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  1. LOL at Kate - I take it the photo is in your back garden over the weekend :):) x


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